Arachnid Games’ Diluvion Launches on Steam & GOG

Berkeley, CA based Arachnid Games has launched their deep sea, Jules Verne-inspired submarine exploration game Diluvion today on Steam and GOG. As the captain of your own vessel, you must grow and manage your crew as you search for the secrets of the past in a hauntingly beautiful flooded world. Diluvion features nine unique pilotable … Continued

Outerminds Launches PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator on Mobile

The countdown started a week ago on PewDiePie’s Twitter channel, and today’s the day it hits 0. Outerminds’ second official game developed in partnership with YouTube’s biggest star, PewDiePie, hits the Apple App Store and Google Play Store worldwide! PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator is a casual mobile game developed with Felix Kjellberg’s fans at the core … Continued

Norsfell Launches Airline Tycoon on Mobile

Kalypso Media Mobile has published the Norsfell-developed mobile addition to the longstanding Airline Tycoon franchise. Airline Tycoon – Free Flight (iOS & Android), a business simulation in which players manage an airline to become the most powerful sky baron in the world, launched worldwide following an impressive showing at Gamescom, including a nomination for Best … Continued

Kitfox Launches Moon Hunters on PC, PlayStation 4

Over the past few months Kitfox Games has been plugging away at fulfilling each of their Kickstarter commitments for their title Moon Hunters. To date Moon Hunters has launched on Steam, GOG, and now PlayStation 4. The team also has also already released DLC for the game, an impressive 90-page art book, and issued as … Continued

Double Stallion Receives $885K in CMF Investment

Double Stallion Games announced this week that they received $885,000 for the production of their upcoming title Speed Brawl. Set in an alternate 19th Century Victorian London, Speed Brawl is a 2D fighting game where players climb the ranks in a series of high stakes and brutal run-the-gauntlet style arenas. Hot off their successful partnership … Continued