Tap Cats: Idle Warfare

Kemojo Launches Two Games One Week Apart

In the span of only one week, Kemojo Studios has released two games for the Apple App Store and Google Play. Both are published worldwide by Kongregate. Undead City Run launched on May 19, and Tap Cats: Idle Warfare launched exactly one week later on the 26th.

In Tap Cats, you’re part of an elite force of unique cats tasked with stopping the agents of the wicked organization known as K.R.I.M.E from monopolizing the diamond resources across the galaxy. To succeed you‘ll need to hire more cats (there are over 100 to collect), defeat bosses, and merge cats to unlock new abilities and save the universe from certain cat-astrophe!

Tap Cats is currently being featured worldwide in the App Store and is racing up the charts in Google Play. Congratulations Kemojo!

Undead City Run

In Undead City Run, you’ll fight your way through hordes of zombies, but watch out–no one makes it out of the city alive! Undead City Run also has a unique twist: once your character succumbs to the zombie horde, you will come back as a zombie yourself with a chance to feed on other unsuspecting victims and friends.

Download them now and let us know what your top scores are!