We do things a little different ‘round here. We think it’s the good kind of different (as opposed to the “Hey, you know that guy Jim?” “Yeah, I know that guy…he’s different” kind of different), but you’ll have to decide for yourself.


Why we’re here and what we value

Execution Labs exists to help game developers become entrepreneurs, providing them with the guidance and resources they need to realize creative independence. We aim to help developers get their games into the hands of people who will enjoy playing them. And we strive to develop a spirit of entrepreneurship throughout game development communities everywhere.

Our values

We are not curing diseases or building an escape craft on the eve of an asteroid impact. We get to make games for a living. It’s hard work, but it should be fun hard work!


Collaborative Community
The success of one team means success for all teams. We eagerly share ideas, best practices, and libraries because we’re all working toward the same goals.

Execution Labs and its founders exist to serve the game developers who walk through our doors—not the other way around. When teams succeed, we all benefit.


Creative independence
Teams are encouraged to explore new game ideas, concepts, styles, and mechanics. We appreciate and expect thoughtful creativity. These are your games.

Continuous Learning
Everyone in Execution Labs teaches what they know and learns what they don’t. They demonstrate humility in the process. We experiment, learn when we fail, and rapidly iterate to improve.


Human Relationships
Execution Labs exists within an environment of mutual respect between all teams, founders, mentors, customers, and investors. Every opinion carries weight, and all voices are heard and considered. We listen closely to our customers and are responsive to their feedback.

We don’t hide or obfuscate information. We make every effort to communicate openly and honestly.


We believe that things should be balanced and look pretty. Even if it means egregiously adding a nonsensical core value to our website just to make things look better.


 Who’s running the asylum


Della Rocca
Indie Evangelist


Business Chief


Operations Guy

The Inmates


Master Data Cruncher


Manager of Awesome


Research Advisor


Derek Elliott
Product Director


Astrid Rosemarin
Community Developer


Pierson Browne
Embedded Ethnographer

Who’s crazy brilliant enough to invest in us

White Star Capital

We are lucky to have fantastic support from some great investors, which include Corus EntertainmentBDC Venture Capital and Real Ventures from Canada as well as Guernsey-based (use an atlas!) White Star Capital.


So many great people and companies will be contributing time, tech, and more to our teams. We love you guys !!


Check out the FAQ for frequently asked questions and our mostly serious answers…